Learn, Play, Recharge

7am - 8am

Sunrise Sauna and Swim

Every afternoon, campers have the option to sign up for a sunrise sauna and swim! Many choose to sleep until the wake- up bell but most mornings you'll find our Finnish  sauna at max capacity! Our sauna club regulars swear it's the best way to start the day.

7:30am - 9:15am

daily Preperations & Breakfast

Every morning we follow the same routine: 7:30am wake-up bell, 7:45am hopper bell, 8:00am breakfast bell.

("What's a hopper?", you might ask. A "Hopper" is the person who sets the table before each meal. The job of Hopper is rotated amongst cabin mates.)

The most important meal of the day, breakfast, changes daily but oatmeal, cereal, fruit, and yogurt is always available at the breakfast bar.

After breakfast is finished, campers have some time to clean their cabins and get ready for the morning activities they chose.

On Saturdays, we have breakfast on the deck. As you can see, it's popular.

9:15am - 12pm

Two Morning Activities

Check out some of the activities campers can choose from. Click the photo to learn more about the awards programs, curriculum, and good old fashion fun of each activity.

"Arts & Crafts"




Wilderness Skills


12 - 2:15pm

Lunch, Activity Sign-up, Store, & Cabin TIme

Whether we're having grilled cheese and tomato soup, chicken fingers, or any of our other camp lunch favorites (always served family style), there is always a salad/sandwich bar available.

After lunch, campers go with their cabin groups to the camp store where they can purchase candy (if their cabin was clean), camp apparel, and camping essentials. This is also when campers sign up for the activities they want to do the next day.

As soon as a cabin is done at the store it's time to relax until afternoon activities begin!.

2:15 - 4:45pm

2 Afternoon Activities

Click the photo to learn more about the awards programs, curriculum, and good old fashion fun of each activity.



Rock CLimbing

4:45 - 9pm

Dinner & Evening Activity

As with lunch, there is a salad bar to accompany the hardy dish being served for dinner.

At the end of dinner, we have a drumroll announcement for the evening activity! If it's a Saturday evening, we will be having an Eagle's Nest Campfire, which is a special tradition in which campers reflect on their wilderness trips together.

Other evening activities include talent show, open waterfront, counselor dress-up, senior hunt, or trip preparation.

9 - 10pm

Snack & CHat

Evening activity wraps up just before sundown and cabin groups join in the dining hall to receive mail and have a snack together before bed. During snacks, counselors are given a couple of fun questions for the group to chat about.

Ex. If you were a piece of camping equipment what would it be and why? 

*We'd always be a voyageur canoe!

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