Fishing has always been very popular at Birchwood Wilderness Camp. We teach the basics of fishing equipment and techniques used to catch fish in northern border lakes. Campers often catch walleye, northern pike, smallmouth bass and lake trout.

The Minnesota state walleye was caught just 50 yards from the camp dock.

Campers can sign up for two-hour fishing trips on local lakes. Some of these fishing excursions are taken by canoe and some by motorized fishing boats.

Campers that participate in our Motorboat Safety program can receive a youth Minnesota water operator’s permit (12 to 17 years old). This rank allows campers to operate our small motorboats under the supervision of our waterfront staff.

Campers who would like to pursue fishing can sign up for more extensive canoe/fishing trips. We take campers to remote fishing lakes just ten miles north in the Canadian Crownland. The reports from these trips say things like, “more fish than we could eat.”

While our campers are welcome to eat what they catch, we also practice “catch and release". All canoe trips present the opportunity for fishing. Campers can earn awards in this activity.


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