A Team we're proud of

Our counselors are mentors, role models and teachers. Over the course of the summer they work with the rest of our unique staff, who share the same love and appreciation for the outdoors, to guide campers with safety as their highest priority.

A Carefully Curated Team to Guide Your Camper!

We Expect Our Counselors To:

- Possess outdoor skills and have a knack for teaching them.
-Be driven to lead our campers by being a positive role model.
-Live and work in a group environment that demands teamwork, respect and safety.
-Have a strong work ethic and positive/enthusiastic mental attitude.

Happy Counselors...

-McRae (AKA Archie), Counselor

"'Special' is a word that is often thrown around haphazardly, but ought to be reserved for places like Birchwood. I worked with some of the greatest people I've ever met in the most beautiful place i've ever been. We were given the opportunity to instill a love of the wilderness to the campers and this left a major impact on me. I cherish the memories I made at Birchwood and encourage others to come make memories of their own."

-Mat (AKA GRIZ), Counselor

"When I think about the summer I worked at Birchwood, I can honestly say it was one of the best experiences of my life. Being that it's a little smaller than your typical summer camp really makes it feel like family. It's a chance to challenge yourself, learn new skills, and share incredible experiences with campers who may be new to the outdoors."

-Zach (AKA Davinci), Former Camper, Counselor, & climbing specialist

"Working at Birchwood has not only given me the skills necessary to enjoy the wilderness, but the ability to grow as a leader and role-model within a supportive group of staff!"

-Frank (AKA Splinter), Former Camper, Counselor, & Assistant Director

"Living at Birchwood provided many opportunities for me to completely be myself. I developed personal interests and challenged my entire person. This was intertwined with times of utter relaxation that I have yet to reach outside of a floating canoe."

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