Canoeing is one of the most important skills that our campers learn. Campers with no previous canoeing experience are taught the basics skills necessary to navigate a canoe in a safe and fun manner.

In camp, we teach basic canoeing terminology, canoe safety, paddling strokes, canoe rescue and the thrill of being the “caption” of your own boat. Campers learn how to portage (carry) their own canoe. No camper is required to portage a canoe if the camper or staff don’t feel they are capable.

All campers are encouraged to try new things and challenge themselves. For older or more experienced campers, we do teach some whitewater canoe skills. We never paddle any whitewater greater than class three. All campers and staff wear lifejackets always on or in the water.

All campers have multiple opportunities to sign up for many different canoe trips. We have three-night easy canoe trips for those that want it. We provide four, five, and 7 night canoe trips for campers that want more challenge. We have taken canoe trips over the boarder route to Lake Superior on the Grand Portage route. Campers have taken Canadian canoe trips into the Crownland and the Quetico wilderness area. Campers can earn awards in this activity.


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