Looking at Birchwood for Your Son(s)?

See what other parents have to say about their son's experience:

"As parents, we want to give our kids tools to be successful adults. Independence is one tool that cannot be taught while holding their hand. Birchwood Wilderness Camp is where my son has learned not only independence, but confidence in new situations, with new people, hard work from not wanting to let his fellow campers down, and a love for animals and nature. Although I missed him every second, I knew he was safe, having fun, and growing in ways I could have never imagined , and he was doing it in one of the most beautiful, pristine places in the world!"

-Sara, Birchwood Mom

"Birchwood, you saved my son's life. Even at the tender age of 11. The young man that he is today IS from Birchwood. The change I saw in him when he returned home from Birchwood was unbelievable. It changed not only his life but mine too."

-Kristie, Birchwood Mom

"While at camp, boys have an opportunity to truly be themselves. They get to explore and be outside. They make valuable friendships. My son has grown so much in his independence, confidence and belief in himself because of his experiences at Birchwood. We are already counting down the days till next summer."

-Amy, Birchwood Mom

"My son has been attending Birchwood since the summer before his 6th grade year and has found it to be a home away from home. He's made amazing friendships with like minded peers and has had role models in the staff from around the world who've had a hand in shaping him into the confident, independent young man we are so proud of today. It is far away, but I KNOW he is in great hands and having the time of his life while he is up there."

-Jen, Birchwood Mom

"This was the single most life-changing experience my son has ever had, in so many ways."

-Stacey, Birchwood Mom

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