Rock Climbing

Our Rock-Climbing program is a favorite among many campers. We hire only certified climbing instructors and follow the rigorous ACA rules. We teach climbing safety and climbing techniques on real rock at unbelievable climbing sights. We have a fabulous climbing site just a 20-minute paddle from camp. Another site on Seagull lake is just another 40-minute paddle. Both sites have very easy climbs all the way to very difficult climbs.

Our campers participate in “top-rope” climbing. This means that there is always a belay rope from the climber to an anchor at the top of the climb. A “fall” means you lose your grip, the rope tightens up and you start two feet lower than where you lost your grip. It is very safe and a lot of fun. Top roping allows you to take great risks, i.e. leap for a hold, with out taking a real risk. If you don’t make the hold, the rope tightens, and you are only two feet lower than when you took the leap. This gives a person a tremendous sense of daring risk taking, with out the real danger. This is very powerful. NO camper is required to make any climb they don’t feel comfortable with. Sometimes campers sign up for climbing, but only help and choose not to climb. We make every effort to meet kids where they are. 

On one of the climbs on Seagull, there was a nest of Ravens ¾ the way up a climb. From a safe distance you looked down into this nest, with baby Ravens in it. You don’t get that at a climbing gym.

When campers feel ready to bump it up a notch, our North Shore (of Lake Superior) climbing trip is one of our most popular trips to sign up for. The North Shore rock is a destination climbing site. Climbers from around the world come here to climb. We have safe anchored climbs for campers of all age groups and abilities. One of the best things about rock-climbing is; easy climbs can be set up all the way to climbs that no one will get up. The sites that we use are ALL top roped and safe. Campers can earn awards in this activity.

Rock Climbing

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