Last Wilderness Trips of 2023

Can you believe it?! We’re already sending out the last trips of the summer and, WOW, we’ve got some good ones!

The first trip left at midnight on Sunday and the last trip left this morning (Wednesday). Everybody will be back by Friday afternoon to share their tales from the trails but we won’t leave you hanging that long! Keep reading to discover which adventures our Birchwood boys have set out for this week.

Senior Capstone Grant Portage – 6 DAY

This grand adventure is led by Birchwood Senior Leadership Counselor, Nacho (second from left).

This trip is very special! It is a right of passage as a senior camper and the most challenging trip we send. Our senior boys paddled away from camp at midnight on Sunday into the mighty Lake Saganaga and towards the Granite RIver where they made camp late Monday morning. They have been making great time as they paddle the US/Candain border route towards Lake Superior where they will ultimatley hit the Pigeon River and the famous Grand Portage that will lead them to Superior where they’ll be picked up on Friday.

The Grand Portage is an ancient trail that connects Lake Superior to the western internior lands of what is now known as the Boundary Waters. Spanning 8.5 miles, it was orignially trafficed by the Objibwe people of this land. They named it Gichi-onigaming (the Great Carrying Place). 350 years ago, the french (and later british) voyageurs traveled Gichi-onigaming to do their work as fur traders. Today, this route is traveled primarily by recreational groups.

When our senior campers pop out of the Grand Portage into Lake Superior, they will have paddled 65 miles and portaged 14,400 rods (45 miles) for a grand total of 110 miles along this ancient route. This is no small feat!

Follow them on their adventure: (Birchwood 1)

Canadian Fishing Trip – 5 DAY

This trip is led by Birchwood counselors, Gatsby (back row, left), Frosty (back row, right), and Nairo (middle row, right)

These chaps are in search of their own grand fishing adventure! They’ve paddled deep into the Canadian wilderness of Trafalgar Bay and Northern Light Lake. This land is the wild west of wilderness territory and the fishing is somewhat legendary! We fully expect them to catch some monsters and eat a handful of keepers for supper!

Follow them on their adventure: (Birchwood 3)

North Shore Climbing – 5 DAY

This trip is led by counselors Flash (back row, right), Ocho (front row, right), and Fresco (back row, left).

A Birchwood favorite, the North Shore Climbing Trip is unlike any other trip! This group is in for 5 days of climbing cliffs that stand directly over Lake Superior and base camping at a nearby campground. This trip is popular for the world-renowned rock climbing AND the big meals cooked in the Dutch oven.

Follow them on their adventure here: (Birchwood 5)

Lizz Lake Paddle – 4 DAY

These boys are guided by counselors Hemi (back row, center), Veto (back row, left), and The Duke (back row, right).

This group of young men set out for a 4-day paddling trip out of Lizz Lake with the goal of paddling to Poplar Lake Lake by Friday! This trip boasts many small stunning lakes and lots of portages with a grand finale ending at Poplar Haus restaurant where they’ll enjoy a basket of fries, some soda pop, and fishing off the shoreline!

Follow them on their journey here: (Birchwood 2)

Cache Bay Expedition – 3 DAY

This trip is led by counselors Hero (back right) and Grylls (front left).

A trip of their own desing – these campers have several exciting adventures planned during their paddle north into Lake Saganaga. They’ve got their sights set on exploring Cache Bay, which boasts many attractions like the pictographs, Silver Falls, and the ranger station. They also plan to hike into the elusive Party Lake just south of Cache Bay to have a birthday party for Evan who’s birthday is today, August 2nd! Happy Birthday, Evan!

Follow them on their journey here: (Birchwood 7)

As our campers set their sights on adventure this week, the last week of camp, let’s wish them a week of memories in the making! May the wind be at their backs and the trail be clear ahead!

Happy Trails,

Ashley, Director

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