Hiking, Biking, and Paddling in Northern Minnesota

This week we have a great mix of paddling trips with a biking adventure thrown in there! Our four and five-day trips are filled by our four-week campers while our new two-weekers embark on three-day-long adventures! The first trip left on Monday and the last trips left this morning (Wednesday). Everybody will return on Friday afternoon to share their tales from the trails but we won’t leave you hanging that long! Keep reading to discover which adventures our Birchwood boys have set out for this week.

East Bearskin Paddling – 5 DAY

This trip is led by Birchwood counselors, Grylls (left) and Ocho (right) with Senior Leadership Campers, Rollin (back row, second from right) and Grant (back row, second from left)!

We’ve got route envy! This group is doing a loop through some of the most pristine lakes and wilderness on the eastern side of the BWCA close to the US/Canadian border. Leaving through East Bearskin Lake, they’re letting the waters take them east and then up into the west end of Mountain Lake, which is a favorite of ours, before dropping down into Daniels and then Bearskin Lake for their Friday pickup.

Follow them on their adventure: https://share.garmin.com/65CZR (Birchwood 1)

Brant to Elm Expedition – 4 DAY

This trip is led by co-counselors Curby (left) and Duke (right) with Senior Leadership Campers, Ryan aka Puddin’ (back row, second from left) and Luka (back row, second from right).

This is a trip that begins and ends at Brant lake with many lakes in between! Their sights are set on one lake in particular – Elm Lake! This petite lake is home to one campsite, which makes it appealing to this group…that and the fact that no Birchwood camper has been to Elm this summer! The shine of adventure has taken hold of this bunch and we can’t wait to hear about what they find!

Follow them on their adventure here: https://share.garmin.com/XXT8Z (Birchwood 7)

Sawbill to Cross River Thru-Paddle – 4 DAY

This trip is led by co-counselors Hemi (left), and Hero (right), with Senior Leadership Campers TJ (front) and Aiden (directly behind TJ).

This is a paddling trip with many lakes between Sawbill, their entry lake, and the Cross River landing, their pickup point. A grand tour, if you will, of a section of the Boundary Waters that hasn’t been dramatically affected by the wildfires and blow down that have hit many other areas. They’ll get to see big lakes and small lakes, connected by varying lengths of portages – a nice sampling of the very best of the BWCA.

Follow them on their adventure here: https://share.garmin.com/GXMPD (Birchwood 2)

Eagle Mountain Hike and Bike – 4 DAY

These boys are guided by counselors Nairo (left) and Fresco (right), with Senior Leadership Campers Elijah (back row, second from left) and Roman (back row, third from left).

This is a rare Birchwood trip – the Hike and Bike Trip! These gents will get to base camp at a campground near the north shore of Lake Superior, cook some great meals, and of course, do some hiking and biking. They’ll bike the mountain biking trails to Eagle Mountain, the highest natural point in Minnesota, and hike to the summit! 

Follow them on their journey here: https://share.garmin.com/N4V2F (Birchwood 5)

Granite River Paddling – 3 DAY

This trip is led by co-counselors Nacho (left) and Frosty (right).

A classic Birchwood adventure! We’ve been running the Granite River ever since we opened in 1968 and for good reason – it’s a short yet adventurous route. These campers enter at Gunflint Lake and paddle along the US/Canadian border all the way into Lake Saganaga and back to camp. If we’re not mistaken, we also saw some fishing rods make their way onto this trip. Let’s hope the fish are biting!

Follow them on their journey here: https://share.garmin.com/N4V2F (Birchwood 6)

Seagull Lake Rock-Climbing – 3 DAY

This trip is led by counselors Flash (right) and Veto (left).

This group was bursting with energy as they left the docks Wednesday morning for their three-day expedition to Seagull Lake. First, they’ll stop at our favorite local climbing spot, which we’ve affectionately named Little Shavers. This is a great location to ease their way into climbing in preperation for their bigger climb on Thursday at Little Palisades, which is a stunning vista on Seagull Lake!

Follow them on their journey here: https://share.garmin.com/N4V2F (Birchwood 4)

As our campers set their sights on adventure this week, let’s wish them calm waters and maybe even a northern lights display! May the nights be cool and the bugs be few!

Happy Trails,

Ashley, Director

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