Uncharted Waters and Beach Camping

This week we have an even mix of paddling and hiking trips! Our four and five-day trips are filled by our four-week campers while our new two-weekers embark on three-day-long adventures! The first trip left on Monday and the last trips left this morning (Wednesday). Everybody will return on Friday afternoon to share their tales from the trails but we won’t leave you hanging that long! Keep reading to discover which adventures our Birchwood boys have set out for this week.

Daniels/Clearwater Loop – 5 DAY

This trip is led by Birchwood counselors, Ghost aka Ian (left) and Wiki aka John (right)!

This group paddled into of Clearwater Lake on Monday morning to enjoy some of the most crystal clear waters the Boundary Waters has to offer! From there, they will travel into Mountain Lake and through a chain of lakes back to Clearwater on Friday. They’ll be paddling through lots of big beautiful lakes that don’t see lots of traffic!

Follow them on their adventure: https://share.garmin.com/65CZR (Birchwood 1)

Brant Expedition – 4 DAY

This trip is led by co-counselors Teddy aka Camilo (back left) and Casio aka Jacob (back right) with Senior Leadership Camper, Ryan aka Puddin’ (back row, second from left.

These gents are explore new (to Birchwood) territory! We’ve paddled through some of the lakes they’ll visit but never before through Brant Lake. Ultimatley, they’ll head to Paulson Lake where they will search for monster Lake Trout.

Follow them on their adventure here: https://share.garmin.com/XXT8Z (Birchwood 2)

Sawbill to Round Lake Thru-Paddle – 4 DAY

This trip is led by co-counselors Divo aka Kiyan (front row, left), and Gatsby aka Dylan (back row, left)!

Their goal is to do as much fishing as possible along their route to Round Lake, while taking in the beautiful sights of the southern portion of the BWCA! Campers who want to fish on this trip will be well supported with counselors Divo and Gatsby! Fingers crossed for some monster fish and fun new adventures!

Follow them on their adventure here: https://share.garmin.com/GXMPD (Birchwood 3)

Pinchushion – 3 DAY

These boys are guided by counselors Scooby aka Angel (front row, left) and Buggs aka Nicolás (right), with Senior Leadership Camper, Lance (back row, fourth from left).

This hiking crew will head south on the Superior Hiking Trail from Pincushion Mountin until they get to the glittering shores of Lake Superior where they’ll camp on Thursday night.

Follow them on their journey here: https://share.garmin.com/N4V2F (Birchwood 5)

Seagull Climb/Paddle/Fish – 3 DAY

This trip is led by co-counselors Nemo aka Sebastian (front row, left) and Nacho aka Jack (back row, second from left), with Senior Leadership Camper, Roman (back row, left)

This group was bursting with energy as they left the docks Wednesday morning for their three-day expedition to Seagull Lake. They’re headed to the Little Palisades with our expert climber, Nemo, and a food pack full of great meals that Nacho has planned out! Fishing is also in the cards for these gents. From there, they may paddle the full Alpine Loop back to camp on Friday OR simply paddle back to camp straight from Seagull Lake.

Follow them on their journey here: https://share.garmin.com/N4V2F (Birchwood 7)

Cascade Falls – 3 DAY

This trip is led by counselors Flash aka Dan (back right) and The Duke aka Wyatt (back left), with Senior Leadership Campers, Grant (back row, second from right) and Forest (back row, third from right).

These men will hike south on the Superior Hiking Trail following the Cascade River all the way to Lake Superior where they’ll camp under the milky way! All the way, they’ll be encountering water falls.

Follow them on their journey here: https://share.garmin.com/N4V2F (Birchwood 4)

As our campers set their sights on adventure this week, let’s wish them abundant fishing and good cooking! May the nights be cool and the bugs be few!

Happy Trails,

Ashley, Director

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