Seagull and Saganaga Lake Cabin Trips

This morning, 41 campers put canoes in the Seagull River and paddled off on their first trips in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness! Spirits were high and we could feel a sense of excitement in the air!

Each cabin group is going on a two-night/three-day trip (returning Friday afternoon) together to bond as a team. Half of the cabins were given permits into Saganaga Lake and the other half were given permits into Seagull Lake. Their mission was to plan a trip entirely on their own based on the entry point their permit was for! Read more about each cabin trip and follow their group throughout the wilderness via their satellite pings!


This trip is lead by Birchwood counselors, Pelé aka Bruce (left) and Nemo aka Sebastian (right).

Our youngest campers will be enjoying a base camping trip Trails End Campground where they will cook, swim in the river, fish, and climb at our favorite rock-climbing spot!

Follow them on their adventure: (Birchwood 7)


This trip is lead by co-counselors Splinter aka Frank (back) and Cap aka Nate (far left).

The Avanters have planned a trip through Seagull Lake to stay at the Little Palisades – a sought-after climbing site with incredible views of the mighty Seagull Lake! They also have some star-gazing planned. Did you know, that BWCA is the largest Dark Sky Sanctuary in the world!? These campers are in for a treat!

Follow them on their adventure here: (Birchwood 6)


Team Raven is lead by co-counselors Divo aka Kiyan (left) and Gatsby aka Dylan (back)!

This ambitious group is headed up through Saganaga to drop into the famous Alpine Loop! The Alpine Loop is a staple trip here at Birchwood as it has the perfect combination of big lake and small lake paddling. Speaking of the perfect combination, this team has a great balance of seasoned Birchwood campers and first-time Birchwood campers!

Follow them on their adventure here: (Birchwood 5)


Bear cabin boys are guided by counselors Dragon aka Max (left) and Kumu aka Robert (right) for their very first trip of the summer!

All 5 of these boys have been to Birchwood before and have experience with the Alpine Loop. This year, they’re headed out of Saganaga Lake to see if they can find new gems on this cabin’s favorite trip through Alpine Lake!

Follow them on their journey here: (Birchwood 3)


Far and Away cabin is lead by co-counselors Coach aka Josh (back left) and Archie aka McRae (front right) for their very first trip together!

These lucky campers are in for a treat! They are headed up into Sagnaga Lake to see the roaring Sag Falls and fill their bellies on Blueberry Island!

Follow them on their journey here: (Birchwood 4)


Shang cabin is lead by counselors Nacho aka Jack (back left) and Gov’ner aka John (back right) for their very first trip together!

They are headed up onto the mighty Saganaga with their sights set on fishing and Sag Falls! Let’s see if they bring back dinner this Friday! Lake Trout anyone?

Follow them on their journey here: (Birchwood 2)


Our senior leaders are guided by Casio aka Jacob (front left) for their very first trip together!

This ambitious group of paddlers is entering the BWCA through Seagull Lake and will get back to camp through Saganaga Lake. They have many options, like visiting Eddie Falls, so keep an eye on their tracker to see which path they take!

Follow them on their journey here: (Birchwood 1)

As our campers set their sights on adventure, let’s wish them calm waters and swift paddles! May starry skies blanket them at night and warm sunrises wake them each morning.

Happy Trails,

Ashley, Director

  1. Sam says:

    Great blog post! Thanks for the notes and the pictures!

  2. Sarah Grant says:

    Hi counselors and young boys/m’en…..Tuckers grandma Sugie here…..i could not be more excited for all of you to be on the shores of the boundry waters…..long before the gunflint camp was conceived of i went to Birchwood Girls camp… the 1960’s and early seventies…..I was blessed to go on a 100 mile plus week long adventure in the boundary waters thru Birchwood…..i learned many skills i have carried with me thru my life and I hope you all will learn those skills as well…..enjoy, be strong, be kind to one another but most of all enjoy the beauty of Gods world that surrounds you….warmest regards and love to all Grandma Sugie…

  3. Rasheda Marsenburg says:

    There is no introduction to Far and away Cabin?

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