Uncharted Waters and Trails for Birchwood Campers

This week we have three brand new trips to Birchwood and one classic trip. The new adventures will undoubtably bring us new lessons and exciting tales while the classic trip will pay respect to a BWCA legend, Justine Kerfoot, as her great-grandson paddles the very waters she did for over 40 years.

The first trip left on Monday and the fourth trip left this morning (Wednesday). Everybody will return on Friday afternoon to share their tales from the trails but we won’t leave you hanging that long! Keep reading to discover which adventures our Birchwood boys have set out for this week.

Tuscarora Long-Haul – 5 Day Trip

This trip is lead by Birchwood counselors, Gatsby aka Dylan (left) and Pelé aka Bruce (center), with Senior Leadership Campers – Ian (left), Yonatan (third from right), and Antoinne (second from right).

This trip is new to Birchwood! Leaving out of Round Lake, this 5 day loop into beautiful canoe country starts off with a 400+ rod portage on the very first day into Tuscarora Lake!! If you’re not familiar with rods, 1 rod equals 16.5 ft or roughly one canoe length. If you do the math, that’s well over a mile with canoes on your head! The boys who chose this trip are not only explorers but BRAVE explorers! We cannot wait to hear the stories from this trip.

Follow them on their adventure: https://share.garmin.com/XXT8Z (Birchwood 2)

Kekekabic Hikers – 4 Day Trip

This trip is lead by co-counselors Casio aka Jacob (right) and Nacho aka Jack (left).

The Kekekabic Trail is 46 miles of boreal forests connecting the Gunflint Trail side of the BWCA to the Ely side of the BWCA! In recent history, no Birchwood camper has spent time hiking the Kek…until now! These young men have the spirit of exploration on their side and we can’t wait to see where the trail leads them.

Follow them on their adventure here: https://share.garmin.com/E95B6  (Birchwood 3)

Sawbill to Poplar Sprint – 4 Day Trip

This trip is lead by co-counselors Nemo aka Sebastian (left) and Archie aka McRae (center), with Senior Leadership Camper – Nathan (upper right).

This trip is embarking on an adventure that no Birchwood camper has before! They are headed out of Sawbill Lake on the north shore of Superior with the stretch goal of paddling all the way to Poplar Lake! Can they do it? We believe in them!

Follow them on their adventure here: https://share.garmin.com/N4V2F  (Birchwood 1)

Granite River Rapids – 3 Day Trip

This group is guided by Dragon aka Max (left) and Gov’ner aka John.

Instead of exploring uncharted territory, these young men are in for an extra special trip that Birchwood has loved since 1968 – the Granite River Trip! This trip 3 day trip is especially meaningful because we have the great-grandson of a Boundary Waters legend, Justine Kerfoot, paddling with this group. He will be paddling the very waters his great-grandmother and family have paddled since 1928. The Granite River is a staple trip here at Birchwood and this one in particular is extra special.

Follow them on their journey here: https://share.garmin.com/GXMPD (Birchwood 4)

As our campers set their sights on adventure, let us wish them calm waters and clear trails! May the path of the paddle and the way of the trail lead them to self discovery and shared purpose! In every walk or paddle with nature, one receives far more than he seeks.

Happy Trails,

Ashley, Director

  1. Karen and Barry says:

    REX, You have always been a trailblazer! Have fun conquering a new trail.
    See you a few days in the Hamptons! AHHHH Summer,
    Love GIGI PAPA Barry

  2. Robert C. Beauchamp says:

    Maddox and Logan,
    you are off on an adventure that you will remember for a lifetime. Best of Luck!
    Papa Bob and Grandma Michelle

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