Where to go Dog Sledding in Minnesota

For a long time, dog sledding has been on my bucket list and I know I’m not the only one!

So when our friends at Gunflint Lodge invited us to go for a ride on Lonely Lake I said, “HECK YES!”

When we arrived, the dogs were lined up and ready to go. Our musher, Jasmine, introduced us to all of the dogs and explained the route to us. She then tucked us into her sled and off we went into the forest.

We went out early enough to catch the “sunrise” but instead of a sunrise we found a spectacular view of Lonely Lake covered in a blanket of hoar frost and fog.

The entire experience was one I’ll remember for many years to come!

Dog Sledding at Gunflint Lodge used to be a necessary mode of transportation during the winter months. Although it’s not necessary anymore, dog sledding is a time-honored tradition we are lucky to experience here in the northland!

You might be thinking, “Can anyone sign up to go?”

I’m so excited to say, “YES!” The folks at Gunflint Lodge have made it so easy to book a ride.

They can take two people in their sled at a time and rides can last anywhere from 15 minutes to 45 minutes depending on the ride you choose.

Whichever adventure you choose, I promise you won’t be disappointed! Tell them Birchwood Wilderness Camp sent you ;)!

“Is it worth the drive up the Gunflint Trail?”

I’m biased but YES! You really could make an entire day or weekend out of it.

After our sled ride, we stopped into the lodge for a big breakfast. Eggs benedict for me! They also serve lunch and dinner.

Although we didn’t end up participating, the lodge recently set up a tobogganing hill, which is fun for both kids and adults. And, of course, they always have their ice skating rink set up, complete with string lights and free hot cocoa.

A few tips for those interested:

-Dress in your warmest layers and bring a blanket. Wearing layers will allow you to adjust to whatever the conditions are like at the time of your ride. If it’s extra chilly (or maybe you just want to be extra cozy), Jasmine can tuck you in with a blanket if you bring one! That’s what we did.

-Bring your camera! The folks at Gunflint Lodge understand this is an exciting day for families. They’ll help make sure you get a photo of/with the dogs and point out spots along the route that might be picturesque.

-Roll with the punches. We had hoped for a sunrise the day we went sledding but got a different set of conditions entirely. Focus on your excitement to be with the dogs and roll with whatever the weather may bring.

Happy Trails,

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