Rock Climbing Trips

And for good reason! The views are breathtaking, the cooking experience is elevated, and the opportunity to challenge yourself is unparalleled.

Some of our most popular trips are climbing trips!

Birchwood Wilderness Camp sends several groups on rock climbing trips in our region. We have excellent climbing sites within paddling distance in the BWCA on Seagull Lake.

One of those sites is sometimes made into an overnight or two night trip, depending on camper interest.

The premiere climbing site in the region is right on the north shore of Lake Superior. These trips require the campers to travel by van and stay at a state campground, which allows the group to pack much heavier than would be comfortable if back packing. This means FOOD. 

These trips allow campers to stretch their muscles on amazing rock climbs, take in the views, and then retire to a campground and cook wonderful meals on the campfire. People from around the world travel to the north shore, just for the climbing experience. Campers always rave about this trip. 

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