Backpacking Trips

A backpacking trip is a right of passage at Birchwood!

Although  a hiking trip might sound easy, these trips offer a good level of challenge. Disjointed groups have been known to come back as strong teams.

Birchwood backpacking trips are a favorite among many of our campers. The famous Lake Superior Hiking Trail extends from Northeast of Duluth, MN, 310 miles to the Canadian boarder.

The route meanders along the Sawtooth Mountains with breathtaking views of Lake Superior. When our campers choose a Superior Hiking trip, the adventure starts with route planning at camp. Our groups have hiked many different sections of this route. After a route is planned and possible campsites picked, campers plan a menu and pack food, equipment and personal gear in preparation for a morning departure. After breakfast the group rides down to the van on the Barracuda pontoon boat. The van takes the group to the trail head where the adventure begins. Each camper carries a backpack loaded to their ability level. Our backpacking trips are typically five day trips.

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