First Boundary Waters Canoe Trips of the Summer!

This morning, our first campers of the summer put canoes in the Seagull River and paddled off on their first trips in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness! Spirits were high and we could feel a sense of excitment in the air!

Each cabin group is going on a two-night/three-day trip (returning Friday afternoon) together to bond as a team. Read more about each cabin trip and follow their group throughout the wilderness via their satellite pings!


This trip is lead by Birchwood Wilderness Camp director, Stryde aka Victor (right), and co-counselor, Gov’nor aka John (middle), and junior counselor, Emmett (left).

The Avanters will be enjoying a scenic paddle deep into the infamous Seagull Lake to see the Little Palisades. If you’ve never heard of the Little Palisades, take a look at the photo below! This is a spot we frequently rock-climb, hike, and lunch at with campers throughout the summer.

Follow them on their adventure: (Birchwood 5)

Photo Credit: J Michel Photography


This trip is lead by co-counselors Dragon aka Max (left) and Archie aka McRae (right).

Raven cabin has chosen to do a bit of island hopping on Saganaga, with it’s many beautiful campsites and sweeping views of Canada!

Follow them on their adventure here: (Birchwood 2)


Team Shang is lead by co-counselors Nacho aka Jack (left) and the legendary Pelé aka Bruce (right)!

This group is headed up to Horseshoe Island on Saganaga for a basecamp adventure! We can confirm that fishing gear was indeed packed for this trip so let’s wish them happy fishing! They also had their sights set on a particularly beautiful cliff-side campsite on the island.

Follow them on their adventure here: (Birchwood 4)


Our senior leaders are guided by Casio aka Jacob (not pictured) for their very first trip together!

They are headed up onto the mighty Saganaga with their sights set on skirting the Canadian border! Follow them on their journey here: (Birchwood 1)

As our campers set their sights on adventure, let’s wish them calm waters and swift paddles! May the fish be biting and the sunsets be magical!

Happy Trails,

Ashley, Director

  1. Robin Balbo says:

    Hi Lorenzo! Looking good out there in the woods. So happy to see you.
    Hugs and Love,
    Momma and Raphael.

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